Karunya Saravanan – Assistant Manager
I joined the organization as a fresher after my graduation in July 2004 without knowing what to expect. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work for different clients in the US and the UK and it has been a great learning curve and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Some of the main reasons for my longevity in service with the organization are (i) the opportunity to work in a quality organization within Coimbatore, (ii) work-life balance and (iii) the bonding shared with my co-workers. I am thankful to the management for all the opportunities given to me and for providing me the space to grow.

Vengatesh Kumar – Former Senior Supervisor
“Experience is a typical teacher which gives the test first and then teaches the lesson later”. It is a pleasing experience that I have had with VITAE for all these years. One thing that is quite unusual at this work place is that the Management is interested in its employees’ personal growth as much and beyond their career growth. When I joined VITAE, I was just 20 years old and was just a grad. I have moved on and acquired a Master’s Degree in commerce, MBA (Finance), ICWA (Inter) and still am working to complete the Final. All these were possible only because of the atmosphere and motivation that VITAE offered. Just as my academic growth, I have also achieved career growth. I joined VITAE as a humble “Processor” in 2004 and was promoted as “Supervisor” in late 2007 and now work as “Senior Supervisor”. From the start I haven’t looked back but am marching forward everyday towards excellence.

Mohanapriya Sivakumar – Senior Supervisor
For our personal well-being and professional productivity, VITAE is more than just a healthy and safe work environment. We need a strong work place morale, which you can experience at VITAE. I am stepping into a long term at VITAE and I have liked VITAE due to factors which cannot be compared with any other. The safe and friendly working atmosphere and the work life balance provided by the organization can be experienced once you start working in this organization. Furthermore, VITAE has an inspiring and motivational work environment where employees are given independence through proper allocation of roles and responsibilities. Training in both hard and soft skills is provided. VITAE thinks so much about how much value to instill in the staff while about how much value to obtain from the staff. VITAE makes its best employees even better and the least of them better than they ever thought they could be.

Vaidyanathan – Assistant Manager
When I joined AKT (which VITAE was formerly known as), I saw the management taking efforts for developing communication skills of staff who really required it which I hadn’t seen in any company I have worked in. I admired this at first. The next thing I admired was the ongoing CSR initiatives which brings light to all age groups of society. I also admire the Staff Development Series that enhances the soft skills of staff. I love my work as it is close to my interest – Accounting and Taxation. There is good work-life balance in VITAE. I admire the management for having concern for staff families and having close interactions with staff family members during the staff families’ get-together. This not only motivates the staff but also their family members making them feel a part of VITAE. These factors make me work with VITAE and feel proud of it.

Johnson Ruban – Assistant Manager
My journey with VITAE has played a significant role in my life both professionally and personally.VITAE have groomed me socially, emotionally, spiritually and professionally. In my twenty three year long journey with employers, I proudly rank VITAE the best. The back bone of my success in VITAE has been my team members and the confidence and trust reposed in me by VITAE’s Managing Director. When I started my journey in VITAE in 2007, my responsibility was for a team of five but now I am proud it is currently a team of 26, the biggest team in VITAE. I regard the members in my team as my own family members. The responsibility delegated and the authority granted by the Managing Director is admirable.This gave me a great deal of independence.The cooperative spirit of my team is excellent.

T.R. Kumaran – Manager
VITAE really cares about employee development, while creating an atmosphere that allows for growth, both personally and professionally. I enjoy being here because of the many opportunities to grow, learn, train, etc., and I get to be creative and push myself in areas I thought I never would. I have been working with VITAE since 2007 and I am grateful for the opportunity to work at VITAE and I am convinced that I will maintain this level of performance throughout my career in this organization.

Selvi Kandaswamy – Senior Supervisor
On my first few days at VITAE in 2007, I felt quite nervous and uneasy about how I was going to adjust to this work culture. However, from day one to this day I have been treated with the same dignity. Staff are put in the work place with cent percent trust in them. This confidence makes each and every individual be more and more committed to their work adapting to the VITAE Culture. Apart from my work, when I have the time, I happily spend time along with my son in VITAE’s Corporate Social Responsibility programs. Not only me but my son has also benefited in understanding the joy of giving and to understand that God is keeping us in a very good position. Being a part of the VITAE family I have gained the experience of how to work with others, how to handle diverse situations, how to cooperate, think critically and become a good listener. The Staff Development Series at VITAE keeps me very happy due to its friendly learning environment and it has taught me the value of a positive attitude not only in work place but also in my family life and has set me in the right direction of what I want to do and how to go about achieving it.

Viswasaraj George Jacob – Manager
I feel that this is a workplace where ordinary individuals are hired and developed as professionals and cultivated as the best people for society. Everybody here is treated with dignity and respect and trusted for their honesty and abilities. All efforts towards training and development of the staff are taken at all stages, to keep them tuned for the work needs.